Season One

Episode 13: FBI Visitors

This episode we talk about the FBI in relation to the Aref-Hossain case—not about what they did before and during it, but afterwards. And what we did in response. But before we go back in history, it’s worth mentioning that two of the FBI players are not only still with us today, but are front and center in the news. We’ve had experience with James Comey and Robert Mueller, and we’ll just take a few minutes to reminisce and talk about the roles they played in the case.

James Comey was U.S. Assistant Atty General and announced the prosecution of the Aref-Hossain case in Washington, DC. He said, “This is not a case connected to the current terrorist threat. This is not a case where the defendants were discovered plotting terrorist violence.” Which begs the question, then why are these men in prison?

Robert Mueller was director of the FBI and came to Albany on December 12, 2006—after the convictions but before sentencing. Supposedly visiting several field offices, but it is no coincidence that he came before sentencing, probably to try and restore some luster to the FBI’s tarnished image in this case—since community supported Yassin and Mohammed and felt FBI constructed the case.

And, we read a column by Carl Strock about the FBI visiting the editorial board of the Daily Gazette, to “debunk” Mr. Stock’s coverage of the Aref-Hossain case.

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Terror Talk is a story that has a beginning, a middle and eventually an ending. To understand the whole story, you may wish to start at the beginning, with Episode 1.

Episode 12: The Appeal, Part 2: Oral Arguments

The attorneys for both Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain (Yassin’s co-defendant) prepared appeals to the 2nd Circuit Court. At the same time, the Muslim Solidarity Committee organized a march and rally—the first one—and have marked the anniversary of their arrests (August 4) every year since 2007.

We discuss “who is a terrorist.”  Kathy Manley reviews the main points in the appeal.  We describe the trip fifty supporters took from Albany to New York City to hear the appeal.

And, the podcast would not be complete without Kathy describing the secret oral argument the government was allowed to make to the appeal judges. Neither the defense or the public allowed to be present at this secret hearing.  Yes, folks, this happened in America.


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Episode 11: The CMU and The Appeal, Part 1

In this episode we will hear directly from Yassin about what life is like in the brutal CMU – Communications Management Unit prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

While we were finding out more and more about this possibly illegal prison unit at Terre Haute from Yassin, the attorneys for both Yassin and Mohammed (Yassin’s co-defendant) were preparing appeals to the 2nd Circuit Court.

At the same time, the Muslim Solidarity Committee organized the first march and rally marking the anniversary of their arrests (August 4) and turned this into an annual event, because we will not forget the unjust prosecution and imprisonment of Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain.